Lushies, unite! I’ve been a long time customer of Lush Cosmetics as I really admire the company for their ethics and how proactive they are with the campaigns they involve themselves with, as well as they markets they support (ex. Fair Trade, Grassroots, etc). This is also the company that really opened my eyes to skin and hair care, as it made it convenient for me to find products that supported my lifestyle at the time that I became aware of them. Around the age of 18, I turned to veganism and took a shot at a “minimalist” lifestyle. I looked for products without packaging or ones that produced very little waste, and wanted to try out more “natural” ingredients. Lush made this easy; they have a recycling program for their black pots, their packaging is made of recycled material, they even have products that have no packaging (shampoo bars and soaps), as well as use natural ingredients such as oils, butters, and plant extracts. Lush is mostly known for their bath bombs and bubbles bars, but today I will be taking a look at their skincare line starting with their Enchanted Eye Cream.

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