[Journal] 2 people, 4 rolls of quarters, & endless amounts of fun.

I had been hinting to my significant other that I wanted to go to the boardwalk before the summer ended, but the suggestion was that we would go on a day where it would not be as crowded. I originally wasn’t to keen on waiting for a weekday, but I’m glad we did. It wasn’t too hot on the boardwalk, nor was it too crowded compared to the typical weekend mosh pit. We ended up deciding to spend the day at the arcade, since we had already walked the boardwalk quite a few times before the summer.

Around 2pm we left for the board walk, quarters in hand. We parked a couple blocks away from the boardwalk, opting out of paid parking, but the walk wasn’t too bad. I actually enjoy walking the side streets leading up to the boardwalk since some of the homes are pretty unique and the weather was quite nice; not too hot, slightly cloudy but the sun still shining. When we got to the boardwalk, it was suggested that we head to Jenkinson’s South Arcade, as it was one of the “better” arcades of the lineup. It was a bit more crowded than I thought it would be and I felt like I would step on a small child at any moment, but no casualties occurred at my expense.

The first thing we did when we got to the arcade was take turns at various crane machines. Despite several failed attempts and us noting how “rigged” the machines were, we kept trying. My partner in crime ended up winning 4 little fish plushies! I mean.. they were able to keep trying until they won, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we didn’t walk away empty handed! We kept trying at some other crane machines, with still no luck. We stopped being stubborn and explored other games; co-op shooting games, versed each other at the arcade’s version of Flappy Birds, and other cliché arcade games like skee ball and The Wheel of Fortune! One of our favorite games was this large piano game, where you had to hit a series of keys in the order that they showed up on the screen, like your typical rhythm game but instead you controlled the tempo. We both almost hit the high score, coming in at 2nd and 4th. I actually regret spending so much on crane games because my quarters would have been better spent at that game. You live and you learn! Once we hit empty on quarters, we turned in all of our tickets. We looked at the prizes and noticed that we each didn’t have much for any of the individual prizes that we were interested in, so we decided to combine our funds. I was told that I could pick out something that I wanted, since there was not much of interest/worth to my significant other, so I ended up picking out a Tokidoki unicorn keychain! With the left over tickets, we split them and each got something small (plastic nunchucks and a glitter bouncy ball). After the arcade, we walked the  boardwalk a bit. We ended up getting cotton candy and a pretzel to share, because who can resist fair food?

After checking out a couple other shops on the boardwalk, we noticed the clouds started to roll in, so we headed back to the car. On the way back to our parking spot, we both agreed that we would visit the arcade one more time before the summer ends. With school coming up for me and work coming up for the both of us, we feel that it would be a great way to send us off. I’m sure we’ll head to the boardwalk other times throughout the year but, like that of fruit, some things are much better when in season.

Now, I know this post isn’t skincare related, but I’ve been thinking to feature more content outside of skincare to keep blogging more interesting for me. Over time, the same type of content gets kind of boring or my content comes out slow due to running out of material. I’d like to be able to share more consistently with my readers, so if you enjoy these types of posts, please let me know! I do have a skincare related post coming soon as well as something else non-beauty related that I am very excited to share. What that is will remain a secret, just keep your eyes peeled for it within the next couple of weeks!


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