[Haul] Impulsive Makeup and Skincare Buys

I recently got back into Asian Beauty and with Amazon Prime’s 2-day shipping, I went a little crazy. Perhaps, too crazy. I loaded up my cart with just about every product I have had my eye on over the years, without any second thoughts, and placed my order. In this post, I’ll  be going over what I received in this haul as well as a brief review of my experience shopping with Amazon.

I have very little experience ordering from Amazon. In fact, I try to avoid ordering anything from Amazon or Ebay, just from the horror stories I hear of receiving broken items and even fakes. This is probably the third time I have ever ordered from Amazon, my first time with Prime, and with how large this order was I was expecting something to go wrong. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the service. I received all of the products at my doorstep within their guaranteed shipping date. I was very surprised with the condition that the products came in. Each and every product had some form of individual packaging, whether it be the product’s box, bubble wrap, or cellophane. The box was also padded with air pillows to keep products from shifting around during transit. I even checked each product’s expiration date and checked for authenticity; everything seemed in perfect order. Overall, I’m pleased with Amazon’s service. I still do not think I will be ordering from them too often, but for things like testing out products and things I have to have ASAP, it’s pretty handy.

The products I received in this haul were:

I am still in the process of testing most of these products since I want to be sure that I have a good feel for the products before giving my opinion on them. However, there are a couple products that I was able to form opinions on immediately. Those I will all be reviewed by the end of the week so look out for those!

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